Agilent Technologies Set To Outperform


  • The life science tools and services industry will continue to grow as developed countries experience demographic transition.
  • The company has increased returns on assets and equity since Q2 2015.
  • Agilent is trading at a discount compared to its peers while growing earnings at higher rates.

The Industry & Agilent Technologies

In 1999, Agilent (NYSE:A) was established through a spin-off from HP (NYSE:HPQ). The company now provides the analytical tools, software, services, and consumables for entire laboratory workflows.

Life sciences tools and services industry makes up various types of companies from biotechs and healthcare providers to technology companies. Investors may be familiar with this industry and more over how fragmented it tends to be. The eight segments are: proteomics, cell biology, small animal in vivo analysis, bioinformatics, general labware, genomics, and combinational chemistry. Mature economies have helped consolidate these segments because of the impending increased demand for drugs to combat cancer, heart disease, and other age induced illnesses. Although the FDA has often thrown a wrench in the progress of these companies through increased regulation, the industry has a positive outlook because of the great leaps technology has allowed these firms to make with their research.

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